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Date: - 7 march 2013

New Theory of power production


I request to study my research of power production without fuel in MW. This is the most demanded research in shortage of fuel and climate change problems. Endless power is a perpetual motion machine. Now there is no need of diesel, petrol, gas, coal OR other type of power production like solar, wind, hydraulic, tidal, N-power etc. It is easy to understand by engineers. It is simple in construction. This research can keep Russia and Canada hot is winter by cheapest way. Sea and surface transport without fuel.

The theory was researched out in 2006, and registered in Mumbai (India) patent office as titled “Perpetual power”. It is now registered as “ENDLESS POWER” at Mumbai patent office. I want to sell my research. I have given this research to Govt. of India, Govt. of Gujarat, and DOE of U.S.A and all leading nations, Australia, UK etc. and world wide science and technical institute. I am in need of financial support. I have no any working plant. My research violate the second law of thermodynamics. My reply is the science laws are not permanent and 100% true. At this time I like to keep aside the philosophy of the second law. Let my lowest reader decide after reading the truth. I am only interested whether the practical endless power is there. Our planet is richer than the sun in energy. The rate of power 250/U.S.$ OR say 5 KWH/Indian Rupee. The research can save 12billion Indian Rupee/day OR 3billion U.S.$/day. Peace to the planet. No wars for oil and gas. Cheap power can provide clean water by applying dehumidifier that keep doctor away.
Let us go to the perpetual motion machine. I use three figures to explain. Figure-1 shows how to trap high pressure air. Figure-2 shows how to utilize the trapped air. Figure -3 Shows how 15 MW Practical Plant works.

Now see Figure – 1 that shows “how to trap air”.


Figure-1 arrangement is it Produce power with high pressure air in the first water tank-1 or W.T.-1. There is air compressor with electric motor. There is water filled first water tank-1 with four valve- A, valve- B, valve- C and valve- D. There is Pelton wheel, flywheel and electrical generator.


Working of Figure-1. First close all valves of water filled first water tank. Then start motor that air compressor work and produce high pressure air. Then open valve-A and valve-B That high pressure air Press the water and water jet Produce at Valve B. The water jet rotate(empower) the pelton wheel and the water jet energy transfer to the electric generator at need RPM through belt and pulley drive. The first water tank is empting or vacating. When the water level come at the bottom or to say nearer to valve-B, close valve-B, valve-A and the motor that high pressure air can be trapped in first water tank. Again explaining when water level come at line L-L, that water seal remain and air cannot escape. That air trap. Then close valve-B, valve-A and motor. Let take 10 minute time to vacant the first water tank, W.T-1.



Figure-2 arrangement in to produce power from the ‘’ trapped ’’ air.  For that I join W.T-1 Size Second water tank, W.T.-2 with W.T.-1 at valve-C. The W.T.-2 is filled with water. Now there is  no need of air compressor. Open Valve-C and Valve-G. Close valve-G. High Pressure air come from “ trapped’’ high pressure air stored in first water tank. When water level; come nearer to valve-G and open valve-F.  See that second is tank is INDEPENDENT of compressor. That I design the valve-G some bigger size that second tank vacant in 7.5 minute or 450 Seconds.
          I do this to get more power in less time. I use the freedom of vacating by designing bigger valve. I want the power as equal to first water tank. More over the RPM of the pelton wheel of the second water tank is different. There for belt and pulley arrangement in there. That the generator get needed RPM. If the first water tank and the second water tank are of equal in Volume, then the air pressure reduced to half of first water tank. It is not necessary but for easy understanding. I take the volume of water tanks that pressure becomes half than previous water tanks. That I take the W.T.-2 equal to W.T.-1 in Volume. That I take the W.T.-3  double volume than W.T.-2. In this way I add the water tanks till long the air pressure become useless.
          Now open valve-F and bottom Valve of W.T.-3,  that W.T.-3 Produce power through Pelton wheel. The bottom valve of W.T.-3 in designed that W.T.-3 Vacant in 450 Seconds. It will produce equal power as W.T-2.
There is recycling water tank with pump to refill the water by valves like valve-E
The total Production of power in KWH of W.T.-1, W.T.-2 and W.T.-3 is more than power applied to the motor in KWH. The difference in KWH Can be said “Power without fuel ’’OR
Surplus power. If air the compressor pressure in higher, then more water tanks can be joined and more power can be achieved. Made in U.S.A. air compressor can produce  air pressure 15000 bar. See the range of research. Now I like to go to numerical practical example at 75 bar air pressure for approx 15 MW power productions.




Figure – 3 and the figure -2 are the same. Only the air tank in made too bigger by adding air Storage tank-1 and air Storage tank – 2 to maintain necessary air supply to the first water tank at possible constant pressure. At constant pressure the pelton  wheel works with up to 85 % efficiency. In Figure – 3 other  five valves system is shown to supply air to other five water tanks system. Let consider the air compressor   run for 1 hour = 60minit. The First water tank system (as shown in figure ) need only 10 minute from 60 minute air supply. In remaining 50 minute the air goes to other same type of five water tank sets each for 10 minute. The six water tanks sets can use one set of water turbine (peltion wheel) and the generator.
One bar pressure it equal to 10 m water column. The first water tank water  has 60 bar pressure, means the water of first water tank is producing get at bottom of 600m high water dam. Let us find out KW and KWH of first water tanks set. I take 80 % efficiency of compressor and 80 % efficiency of pelton wheel. The air compressor’s data should be 6750 M3/hr air flow at 60 bar pressure. OR 1125m3 /10 minute air flow at 60 bar. Note that first tank has volume 1125m3 and vacating in 10 minute.
Calculation of first water tank.
       KW=1125 x 1000 x 9.81 x 600 = 11036.25 KW. considering
                             1000 x 600
80 % efficiently of pelton wheel
          KW = 11036.25 x 80 /100 = 8829 KW and KWH is
          KWH =8829 x 10/60 = 1471.5 KWH
The compressor motor need 11036.25 x 100   = 13795.312 KW
          The consumption of compressor KWH=13795.312 x 10/60 = 2299.28
          The loss = 2299.28 – 1471.5 = 827.7 KWH.
          Now refilling KWH of first tank. The refilling is made in 9.81 minute. at 10m height. The efficiency is taken 80 %
  KW=1125 x 1000 x 9.81 x 10  x 100=234 KW.
                1000 x 9.81 x 600              80
Now KHW = 234 X 9.81 / 60 = 38 KWH
Calculation of Second Water tank – W.T.- 2
          In Second water tank the starting pressure is 60bar and at end 30 bar. The average pressure means (60+30)/2=45 bar. To produce same KW as first water tank, decrease vacating time and increase flow by designing the bottom valve-G of higher diameter.
          11036.25 = 1125 x 1000 x 9.81 x 450
                                      1000 x Second
          Second = 450 OR 450/60 = 7.5 minute.
          Now KW =  1125 x 1000 x 9.81 x 450
                                      1000 x 450                   = 11036.25
Now there in no compressor and pelton wheel efficiency is 80 %      Kw = 11036.25 x .8 =8829
KWH = 8829 x 7.5 / 60 = 1103.62 KWH
          Refilling KWH= Refilling KWH of First tank = 38 KWH
Calculation of third Water tank W.T.- 3
          The third water tank has double volume and half average pressure than previous one but same vacating time as previous one.
          There for KW and KWH are same as previous tank (Second tank). As double volume, the refilling KWH become double = 38 x 2 = 76 KWH.
          KWH = 1103.62 and refilling KWH = 76 KWH.

The calculation of fourth and fifth water tank are as third water tank. See data table.

No.of water

Time Duration



M 3


Pressure   bar


12-00 to 12-10







12-10 to 12-17.5







12-17.5 to 12.25







12-25to 12-32.5







12-32.5 to 12-40







40 minute






In 40 minute 3585-608 = 2977 KWH Profit / one set.

Note :-

  1. 1 bar = 1 Kg / cm2
  2. 17 % of profit to refilling.
  3. Profit start from third water tank.
  4. Think of other water turbine at low pressure.
  5. The air storage tank-1, 4500m3 is shown at 75 bar pressure and compressor at 60 bar. This is done for easy understanding and to avoid complex Calculation of gas laws.

Six set profit = 2977 x 6 = 17862 KWH. / 40 minute
One day = 24 x 60 minute = 1440 minute.

One day production KWH = 17862 x 1440/40=643032 KWH.= 0.643 million KWH.
Yearly production = 0.643 x 365 = 243.7 million KWH. One MW produce 8.76 million KWH / Year. There for my ideal plant is 234.7/8.76=26.8 MW Plant. Practically it will produce 15 MW. Power cost 12 paisa / KWH.
Minimum Plant:- Too small plant is restricted by jet diameter. The jet diameter should be minimum 2.16 cm of first tank. At 30 bar the first tank should be 16.66 m3, at 60 bar 23.3 m3
At 150 bar 37 m3.                                                                           

Fuel Burning effect : .
Fuel burning is not advisable because at higher pressure power rate come down as 5 paisa / KWH. And climate change problems. CNG fuel burning is possible when first water tank become empty. Heat exchanger heating by any fuel is possible in all empty tanks.CNG burning efficiency is 40 % in gas turbine and in my system efficiency is 90 % in control air heating. CNG burning can keep constant pressure in second tank.

Where the Electricity is hidden?
The electricity (Power) is hidden in a truck tire. The tire air is tireless. It Support the Brawnier theory of air particle travel. Einstein equation E=MC.2 .We take interest in M, because E is free and increasing item. The universe is expanding like air balloon. Them something is to be filled up in expended volume. The nature is running factory of billion triton Giga watts Energy. I am in search of the address of the factory that M can be produced. The “big bang” imaginary theory is depending on doubtful theory of thermodynamics and Einstein.
Let try to understand the birth of air. Let the air was born  at time of “big bang”.  Means an oxygen particle was born 14 billions years ago. From the birth it is traveling in “Brawnier motion” or say random motion.   The oxygen particle is ready to travel next trillion years. It has mass and movement. Means the air was born with “ENDLESS POWER”.  This power is converted into electricity.  This means that there is a “God Particle” in each air particle.
We are made of DNA, means our body is made of DNA, but our nature and intelligent is made of “God Particle”.
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